Available July 1st, 2014

By definition innovative courses are locally developed and should represent local needs and circumstances.  The following information represents portions of an approved application for Parenting Education for School-Age Parents which may be helpful to other districts choosing to submit an approval request.

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  1. Description of the course and its essential knowledge and skills

    This laboratory course is designed to address the special needs and interests of male and female students who are parents, who are pregnant, or who are expecting to become parents in the near future. Special emphasis is placed on prenatal care and development, postnatal care, child development, infant care, and parenting skills. Other units of study address personal development, responsible parenthood and adult roles, family problems and crises, conflict resolution, family health issues, nutrition, safety, management, and employability skills. Students are provided opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to become successful parents and to prepare for managing the multiple roles of student, parent, family member, and wage earner.

    Recommended prerequisites: none
    Grade Level: 7-12 (Weighted CTE funding would be available for Grades 9-12 only.)
  2. Rationale and justification for the request in terms of student need

    This section should be locally developed.
  3. Description of activities, major resources, and materials to be used

    This section should be locally developed.
  4. Methods of evaluating student outcomes
  5. Qualifications of the teacher

    Certified to teach Vocational Home Economics/Family and Consumer Sciences Education or Human Development and Family Studies, specialized certification
    1-3 years experience, recommended
  6. Amount of credit requested