Sal Khan Announces New Careers and Personal Finance Content

Posted by on 09 Jun 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Great news from Khan Academy. Hopefully you are aware that Khan Academy is a great resource for a multitude of subjects. Now they are launching new curriculum materials for career investigation and financial literacy. The best news…it is free! Check it out!


Neon at 90: The Queen’s Green Outfit Divides Opinion at Trooping the Colour

Posted by on 06 Jun 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Take a look at some royal fashion and share the styles and statements with your Fashion Design students. Enjoy!

Average Happiness

Posted by on 31 May 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Here are some thoughts to ponder this summer as you reflect on the past school year and prepare for the next. The ideas on “average happiness” could be a great starting point when leading students to set goals and expectations next fall.

Why I Teach: Part 4

Posted by on 24 May 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

As your year winds down this week, take a moment to read this post. In so doing, allow the words of this teacher to remind  you why you teach. Be re-inspired to come back next year to take on the joys and challenges of teaching again. Thank you for all you do! Have a great summer.

Style-rofoam! High school student designs incredible Styrofoam wedding dress

Posted by on 17 May 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Share this post with Fashion Design students and allow them to create their own designs out of various materials. Read on to learn more…





Body Weight Planner

Posted by on 10 May 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Hey teachers, have you heard about the internet tool from the National Institute of Health? Check out the Body Weight Planner. The site includes a video to show you how it works. This is another resource to help you guide students to better health.

Teaching a Class With Big Ability Differences

Posted by on 03 May 2017 | Tagged as: Diverse Learners

As a family and consumer sciences teacher, are you ever faced with the challenge of teaching to various grade and ability levels? Trying to meet the needs of so many different types of learners can be a challenge. Check out this article for practical tips that you can apply right away!

Nordstrom Is Selling a Pair of Dirty Jeans for $425 — and People are Furious

Posted by on 25 Apr 2017 | Tagged as: Shared Resources

Fashion Design teachers, check out this article highlighting a new style of jeans. This topic will be sure to get the conversation started about denim fashion trends. 

Restorative Justice in FCS Classrooms

Posted by on 20 Apr 2017 | Tagged as: Discipline

Have you heard of Restorative Justice (RJ)? Are you using it in your classroom or school district? If you have experience with this method of conflict management and student intervention, please contact me, Cari Collins [email protected] I am interested in learning the effect of RJ in Family and Consumer Sciences classrooms. Thanks!

Beware of For-Profit Colleges

Posted by on 18 Apr 2017 | Tagged as: College preparation

Teachers, as you work with students on college preparation, share this post regarding for-profit colleges. The article shares valuable information and links to other resources, such as reports and infographics. As an activity, have students research colleges using the National Association for College Admission Counseling brochure as a guide.

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