How a School Ditched Awards and Assemblies to Refocus on Kids and Learning

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This middle school has ditched the awards ceremony for something that has proved more significant to school culture and community. Use this post as a conversation starter for Education and Training students. Do you think students should be awarded? rewarded? Let us know what you think. Share something that motivates your students!

Jack of the Red Hearts

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Share this movie with Education and Training students as they explore the relationship between effective instructional practices and special-needs conditions. The story has aspects of the relationship between Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. In addition, the movie provides an excellent opportunity for students to apply evaluation and critical thinking skills because the ending is left open. Have students write the end of the story. For example, what happens to Jack? Does she go back to school to become a therapist? Does she become reunited with her sister? In addition, have students use the decision-making process to evaluate the positive and negative consequences of Jack’s behavior.

When Behavior Charts Don’t Work, Throw Them Out!

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Check out this resource on elementary school classroom management. Student teachers will appreciate the shared experiences from this teacher and the practical steps in establishing a positive classroom environment.

Why Games are Good for Learning

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Check out this graphic that illustrates the way the brain engages when learning through games.

Helping Your Child Find Her Voice

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This article on middle-school emotional development is a great resource for Human Growth and Development. Read on…

The Case for the Rebel

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Some of the brightest and most talented students can also be some of the most challenging for classroom teachers. Share this article with Education and Training students to help them gain insight on how to understand and direct the gifted students in their field-site classrooms.




Picting, Not Writing, is the Literacy of Today’s Youth

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Social media sites continue to gain popularity with today’s youth. Share this article with Education and Training students to learn more about the ways in which “picting” is changing the way teens, as well as adults, communicate. As an activity, lead  students to brainstorm ideas of how the practice of picting might influence their students and their teaching methods.

Five Ways Teacher Leaders Use Storytelling

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This post reminds teachers to be storytellers. Read on to learn more about how storytelling can lead to student engagement. As an activity, have Education and Training students prepare a story to share in their field-site classrooms.

Ten Easy Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Class

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Here is an infographic with multiple ideas of how to integrate technology into the classroom. As an activity, have Education and Training students incorporate one idea into a lesson for their field-site learners.

Teachers, It’s Time We Appreciate Ourselves

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Take some time to appreciate yourself the way you appreciate others. Read on for some tips to get started, and use the information to encourage your Education and Training students as they work in their field-site classrooms.


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