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  • Putting It All Together: Second Edition

    The Putting It All Together: Education & Training student reference book, second edition, provides a wealth of information needed by students in introductory education and training courses.

The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences will close at 12 p.m. on Friday, December 22 and reopen at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2 for the holiday season. Thank you for your understanding.


New CTE TEKS for 2017-2018 Available!

The new CTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Chapter 127 and Chapter 130, to be implemented in 2017-2018, are available for viewing at

In addition, course crosswalks showing the correlation between the 2010 adopted TEKS currently in use and the new 2015 adopted TEKS are available.

Revised Training Plan Agreements
for Career Preparation and Practicum Courses

TEA has posted a revised Paid Training Plan Agreement form and a revised Unpaid Training Plan Agreement form on the CTE Web page. The TEA Program Monitoring and Interventions (PMI) Division recommended a change to the current form in order to insure that local education agencies were in compliance with federal directives from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The changes affect the non-discrimination statements on the form.

It is not necessary to replace any training agreements that are currently in effect and that were developed using the previous training plan form, but districts are encouraged to use the new form from this time forward. The updated form shows a revision date of 11/2015.

If the school is using some other type of training contract, memorandum of understanding (MOU), or group training plan it is important that the language from the training plan agreement non-discrimination statements be included in any such document. If you have questions please contact Ron Whitson at TEA (512-463-9581).

Food Science Professional Development

The Food Science Professional Development course is now located on Gateway Courses. The new site for enrolling in Part I is

CTE 101

The CTE 101: Career and Technical Education course returns to the Texas Gateway on March 11, 2016.This course provides an overview of Career and Technical Education in Texas and how it is implemented at the state and local levels. Teachers who are not certified in CTE and have been assigned to teach one of the CTE courses for mathematics or science credit must complete CTE 101. CTE-certified teachers may complete CTE 101, but it is not a requirement. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will earn 4 CPE credits.

Participants may join the course at CTE 101: Career and Technical Education in Texas. Contact us at [email protected] for any additional questions or assistance.

REMINDER: Teachers assigned to teach a CTE course that meets graduation requirements for math or science must meet HOUSE (high objective uniform standard of evaluation) requirements for NCLB.


AAFCS has expanded its portfolio and is very pleased to announce the addition of a professional assessment and certification for Personal and Family Finance Educators! If you’d like to learn more about the professional assessments and certifications, please visit

For  information regarding the AAFCS Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification (Pre-PAC) Management System visit the Web site at and click on “Testing Procedures and Forms.”

Join the excitement! Be on the cutting edge – utilize Pre-PAC to empower and recognize students and programs in your state!